ShoreTel Tips & Tricks

At Converged Networks, we take great pride in our commitment to providing superior customer training and support. Below are tips and tricks for the ShoreTel user that we hope will help simplify your day-to-day communications and improve productivity.

Did you know…

Communicator Directory – You can add your own personal directory item in Communicator that can also be accessed through the Directory button on your phone. Right click in the Directory tab of Communicator, select “New Directory Item,” fill in the contact details, and click “OK.” When you press the Directory button on your phone, you will now be able to view and dial the contact you added.

Communicator Contacts – If a user is on the phone or in “Do Not Disturb” mode, you can have the system alert you when they become available. In the Contacts tab of Communicator, right click on the desired user and select “Alert When Available.” When the user ends a call or switches to “Standard” mode, a popup will appear at the bottom right of your screen alerting you that they are available. You can then call the user or click “Snooze” to be reminded again later.

Transfer via Directory Button on Phone – You can transfer a call to an extension or external number using the Directory button on your phone. When on a call, press the Transfer button, press the Directory button, scroll to the name and press the Select soft key (if there are multiple numbers listed under that name, scroll to the desired number and press Select again), and press the appropriate soft key to Transfer or Consult.

ShoreTel Reporting – ShoreTel has a default CDR Retention Period of 36 days meaning you can only run reports on call records dating back 36 days or less. You can change the period by logging into ShoreTel Director and clicking on “Options” under the Reporting section and typing in the number of days in the box labeled “Retention Period for CDR Data (1-2000).”