Turenne PharMedCo

In 2008, we moved our office to a new location here in Montgomery. We decided very early on in the process to upgrade our business phone system with the move. We looked at various other vendors and systems, but after researching the features, benefits and cost of the Shoretel system, and the reputation of Greg Lockhart and his team, we decided to partner with Converged Networks and Shoretel. It has been one our best decisions for the company. Greg and his team are always available to help when needed and are willing to work at night or on the weekends to get the job done. We recently opened a branch in Tennessee and instead of finding a phone vendor there, Greg and his team drove to Tennessee and installed a satellite system at that office. I like to think of Converged Networks as a partner of Turenne PharMedCo, and I highly recommend them.